Wise-holder in the kitchen

Wise-holder in the kitchen

The most unpleasant housework VOC 1st!
Throwing away food waste!

Due to the smell coming from the rottenness of the food waste, we have tried freezing it in the freezer and stored it in airtight containers, but it was never a satisfying solution.

- What has been inconvenient for you this whole time?

- Unpleasant smell/Food waste smell leaking out from container gaps
- Unpleasantness/Spillage of food waste on hands while moving the content to another container.
- Waste of resources/Inconvenient container cleaning and waste of several plastic bags
- Space occupancy/Smaller and uncomfortable space around sink after installing holder

- A discussion about an easy and hygienic way of food waste disposal

1. Is it possible to discard the food waste easily, without moving it from the sink?
2. Is it possible to discard the food waste without a separate airtight container or any other instrument but with only a rubbish bag?
3. Is there a way to be cheap and easy to use?

WiseHolder does not require a separate machine, container or a custom bag. It is the solution where you only need one plastic bag to dispose the food waste easily.

- The final collected food waste only needs one rubbish bag to be O.K!
- Without having any spillage on your hands simply throw it away in a sealed state without worrying about the smell!

Disposable plastic bag that is used one time. If you reuse it for other purposes, this small action can be a significant protection for the environment.

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