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Please watch the video explaining how to hang the bag and do it yourself, it will be much easier than you think!

A. No, You can use it without removing the suction cups. Athough you can remove it and then attach it again, we recommend that you use it as it is because there is a risk of loss.

The smoother the surface is, the stronger the suction power is. A smooth tile has more sticking power than a sink has. In the case of a refrigerator, once it is attached, the absorption is so strong that it won't fall off even the season changes.

A. When hanging an empty envelope, you make the bottom of the envelope touch the bottom of the sink.

Proper installating height in the sink (photo)

If you use a 3L envelope, it is recommended that you install that the bottom of the envelope touches the sink slightly.
The adsorbent lasts longer and the holder is easy to be open and be closed.

1~2L envelopes are light, so it's okay to install that the bottom of the envelopes can have space between the sink surface and the bottom of the envelope.

A. Because of the characteristics of PP materials, they are not damaged in the normal height d in daily our life.

A. Remove the loose ends of the bag from the clip when the Wise-holder is closed. After you tie the bag, pull the Wise-holder handle to open and remove it.

A. As we focus on quality, we use Korean materials selected carefully except neodymium magnets (which is produced only in China). For domestic products, we have selected the best materials in the nation.

A. You can hang the bag while it's attached, but please attach plastic bag first as it is more convenient.

A. You can use. However, since it cannot be inserted into the ring (bag strap clip), there are two ways to use.

First, cover the holder with the bag and make the bag touch the bottom of the sink without putting it on the clip. this doesn't affect the performance.
Second, if you have a big bag, you can use it by twisting the remaining plastic bag and putting it in like a string.

A. There are two principles as to seal function of the Wiseholder.

First, a strong neodymium magnet power presses the frame to seal.
Second, there are two grooves for preventing airflow on the inside of the deformation frame, and this also blocks odors, flyflies, and water.