Food waste and Wiseholder
Wiseholer is the best solution for disposing of food waste in the kitchenen.

Food waste and Wiseholder

So far, we've had to clean the kitchen wastebasket every time, leaving it outside because of the smell of food waste.
The stench of drying food waste was also unpleasant.

Don't suffer from the smell of trash anymore!
When food waste is dumped in the Wise Holder, powerful neodymium magnets seal it, preventing the smell of garbage and flying flies.

Using a Wiseholder that can instantly dispose of garbage on the spot with a single garbage bag helps to protect the environment.

Using plastic bags that have been thrown away in everyday life and reusing them as garbage bags instead of throwing them away will be a valuable step to reduce carbon footprint, which is the cause of global warming.

Reuse of plastic bags

Tens of millions of plastic bags are used daily worldwide, and most bags are used only once. In spite of these shortcomings, the convenience of plastic plastic bags makes it difficult not to use. Given this, If we use the bags once more with wiseholder, it means that the use of plastic bags that are used only once and thrown away can be reduced dramatically and the positive effect on the environment is huge.

Using a Wiseholder can reduce the production rate of plastic bags as we can recycle any form of plastic bags left over.

Wiseholder is not a single-use abandoned product, but we can use the holder for a year, two, three years on an annual basis. Wiseholder users repeat the behavior of replacing envelopes every day or week, so they can use more than one hundred plastic bags in a year, which reduces the production of plastic bags dramatically in accordance with the increase of the numbers of Wiseholder users.